About the Author

Evelyn Sue Donahoe is a career marketing and management professional with a strong background in retail, public relations, event organizing, media buying, and sales.

She’s also a many-times-published writer with magazine articles since the 1970’s in The Dallas Fashion Retailer, West Austin News, Junction Magazine, Rootstown Music (Belgium), The Musician’s Trade Journal (USA), Real Blues Magazine (Canada), Blue Suede News (The Netherlands) and is the author of one book…so far.

She was born in Austin Texas at the height of the Baby Boom, and has recently reached retirement age. She returned to college in 2015 to gain her degree and to devote a year to studying the impact of her generation on the workforce. Her research project was titled Out of Retirement / The Brain-Drain Solution. The two websites generated from this research are: www.outofretirement.net  and  www.thebrain-drainsolution.com  The combined projects are the backbone of her upcoming book Are You Experienced? 

Evelyn was lucky enough to have a wonderfully happy marriage to Mike Donahoe…and unlucky enough to lose him to cancer. A great marriage makes for a miserable widowhood and she shares all she can on the subject in her upcoming book, With A Little Help From Mae West.

Evelyn now lives in Corpus Christi, Texas and most people call her Sue. She is the co-founder and director of the South Texas Music Walk of Fame, a member of the Advisory Board to the Corpus Christi Public Library, the World Affairs Council of South Texas, and the Writers’ League of Texas. She spends as much time as possible with her travel partner and movie buddy…her brother…Bill.