Mae West

Why Mae West?

She saved my life!

My husband Mike and I had been completely happy. We laughed every day. After his death, all joy was gone, until she taught me how to laugh again…and taught me her Tao.

As a teenager in the ‘sixties, I stumbled across the teachings of Lao Tzu; the Tao Te Ching — The Way and its Virtue – brought peace and purpose to my troubled teen mind.

After Mae West brought laughter back into my life, I read her autobiography, Goodness Had Nothing to do With It. In it she revealed her practical philosophy, her Tao, regarding all the things a woman should to do take care of herself: physically, financially, and emotionally. She even referred to it as “The Way.”

True, her concept of a moral high ground led down a mighty slippery slope. But her guide was a rock solid path to safety, health, and security.

With a Little Help from Mae West, I learned to laugh, to wrangle the bus that is life on a road of my own choosing, and I learned the value of cocoa butter.

Why ONLY A LITTLE help from Mae West?

Well, you know Mae…A lot of help could get me in trouble!